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Hormone replacement

Yes they work. They work for women as well as they work for men. I worked at a hormone replacement therapy center here in Las Vegas for two years. Many of the times when men and women would come in that were over the age of 25 and they were having difficulty getting their weight off with proper diet and exercise.Doing everything possible and there was still no significant body fat reduction.Many of my clients over the years would have this problem the first thing I would have them do is checked there hormone levels one or two hormones off in your body will keep you from losing weight and getting the desired effect of body fat reduction. Unbalanced hormones can cause not only ED (erectile dysfunction) but also contribute. To mental and emotional distresses in both men and women. It is so simple now days to walk into a clinic get your blood work done get your hormones checked and see where you’re lacking and get your body burning fat again. I would recommend anybody over the age of 35 to get your hormones checked before you start a new workout regiment or contemplate taking any type of supplements.After having a few children plus inevitable aging takes over many women experience difficulty with their hormones being out of whack; some men start to see a decline in testosterone production as early as age of 25. Usually the price is about anywhere between 150 to 300 dollars for the lab testing and then medication accordingly it’s worth it mentally physically you’ll feel much better. I’ve seen adult men and women start hormone replacement therapy and all the sudden it like you’re 22 years old again. I know there’s a massive stigma about legal (steroids Testosterone)that’s what mostly (hormone replacement)is just some new fancy word to use for prescribing people legal (steroids testosterone).As far as I’m concerned quality of life overwhelmingly is better than keeping your fear notion‘s of what medications/supplements you should and should not take controlling your mind.

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