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Intestinal fortitude

OK I’ve hear this so many times when I’m training my clients over the years and years of training my body is different. I’m listening to my body needs carbs after legwork out I’m going to give it carbs.This is being said while getting ready for competition. At the same time your body fat is not dropping. Out of the billions of human beings on this planet medical reasons aside. When you cut carbs and do extreme high levels of cardio you burn fat. Let’s just call it what it really is weakness. When you cut carbohydrates out of your diet for days at a time the level of suffering is extreme.Clients saying that their special that your body is not like the rest of us. What their really saying is I can’t handle the Pain and suffering. No one truly wants to admit to themselves that they’re just being weak and it sucks to cut cars along with high levels of cardio. But that is what it takes. When the day of the show comes and you look at your pictures and the other person’s next to you was willing to cut carbs for four weeks with NO cheating and endure high levels of cardio and they have separation lean muscle mass 2% body. Or the client who is been training for six months doing cardio and supposedly dieting body fat never drops. When your girlfriend who’s only been training for three months drops 10 percentages of body fat. Like I said medical reasons aside. They just wanted it more than you or dare to say they had 10 times more intestinal fortitude and strength than you do.The numbers say what your made of.

IFBB trainer Quincy Taylor

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