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Know your limits

Know your limits

I’ve been training a lifting weights since I was 12 years old over the years I’ve had to assess and learn my limits and limitations due to age or injury. I have many many clients come in like most people they don’t really care about health or getting themselves in shape or anything until they have to. Usually when a doctor tells them that they won’t be around much longer without changing behaviors and lifestyle.This is when I meet people that have these expectations that are simply ludicrous. You can’t walk into a gym and expect to do the same things that I do or anyone who has been training for 6 Months to a year it takes time. I’ve had people walk in wanting heavyweights mainly the men with huge egos who remember when they were 22 what they used to bench.Know your limitations it’s like a rubber band you can’t just take it and pull it to an extreme size instantly you got to work it make it warm and it stretches human bodies are no different take your time go slow and light.If you were extremely overweight maybe you just need to try walking first. Object in motion stays in motion. When you’re overweight like this it a great jump to go for a daily walk.

IFBB trainer Quincy Taylor

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