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OK I don’t know what has happened in the past 10 years I think it’s all part of the YouTube generation. OK listen up very closely why in the hell are all the people under the age of 30 squatting all the way ass to grass squat. OK I understand if you are a power lifter but if you’re just a person who wants their legs to be big there is no need for this. I’m 6’4 long legs and I never went past parallel. And if you take a close look at my photos I didn’t have to. I think a lot of these young people need to stop watching YouTube videos with these guys telling them misinformation I see this happening in the in the gym on a daily basis.Needless to say it makes me cringe all I’m thinking about is the fact that nine times out of 10 their form is wrong and they’re just asking for something to pop i.e. their knees their back. That old saying that youth is wasted on the young is so so true .But I thank God daily that I do not do any major damage to my knees and back.I tried to train with some common sense.Mostly listening to guys who had been were I wanted to go.I repeat again there’s no need to squat below parallel. If you are doing this. And not being supervised by your YouTube channel coach.You’re just asking for injury to happen. It’s coming. I’ve had many discussions with these young people.And they think the way that I think is outdated. But actually wanting to be able to jog and run without severe knee pain and back pain will never be outdated.Time will tell I give it 10 years maybe less we will all see many people walking around with severe back problems more than we do now specifically ex weightlifters.Maybe I’m just outdated hey they may be able to replace the whole knee by that time like I said time will tell.

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