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NOW OFFERING Personal Training


QT Training 10%BF Country
IFBB PRO Bodybuilder athlete,
certified nutritionist personal trainer.
Specializing in male/female hormonal health
Over 20 years experience 
workout and diet plan to get your body into gear for summer?
Recovering from an injury or chronic disease?
Personalized workout programs and meal plans tailored to each persons needs. Experience working with injury prevention/recovery and chronic disease management through exercise therapy.
PROPTA Certified 
PROPTA Sport Certified Nutritionist
60 sessions 3000.00
40 sessions 2500.00
20 sessions 1200.00
16 sessions 960.00
12 sessions 720.00
8 sessions 500.00
4 sessions 250.00

session only Sahara,Flamingo,Maryland

1 session 100 a week or every other week (does not include diet and supplements info)
All plans include diet nutritional information training information all questions answered extensive supplement information.
My Internet Training Services available
$1000 for 6 months
$600 for 3 months
All programs include weight and cardiovascular training information, supplement, nutrition information and bi-weekly phone or skype consultations for Q&A male or female . 
$300 for 1  months supply info only.

Cash is eccepted and preferred!! Receipts will be issued!

Special offer!!

$100 for 1 session and train with a partner!



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